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B2B Growth Tools for Today's Mortgage Economy

Today’s mortgage market is tough. When companies cut back on marketing, it gets even tougher. Failure to market makes it harder to not only attract new buyers, but also upsell clients, motivate employees, and meet shareholder demands. 

Boosting revenue and staff productivity is possible — even in today’s market. But you need flexible expertise and tactical game plans designed for today’s market.

That’s what Yosh Communications provides. We work with you to create and execute lean, efficient marketing game plans that address your specific goals and pain points. We evaluate where you are and where you want to go, understanding that budget may be a bigger issue than it typically is. We’ll help you prioritize your objectives, focus your message, and execute plans that bring your goals within your team’s reach. 

Don’t wait. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Our Featured Packages

close up of hands of fractional mortgage marketing executive working on marketing campaigns

Fractional Head of Marketing

A fractional marketing executive manages your marketing programs, from strategy to execution for digital, email, social media, SEO, events & more.

Content Marketing

Take control of your coverage with captivating content that cuts the noise to embed your brand in the mortgage & business space.

Email Marketing

Create & maintain a direct conversation with customers, prospects, partners, and employees with this fast, inexpensive & high ROI outreach tool.  


The Top 5 Reasons Businesses Choose Yosh Communications

We have a track record of success

We have helped numerous B2B companies reach their growth goals and positioned many executives as industry thought leaders. The bottom line: We help you get known in the way you want to be known.

"Jeri got us a significant amount of quality media exposure with a surprisingly short ramp up time.

That exposure was our launch pad for growing the company from startup to more than $20 million."
Jennifer Creech former CEO of InHouse, Inc.
Jennifer Creech
Former CEO, InHouse, Inc.
"Jeri's marketing expertise has been invaluable in shaping me as a thought leader.

It's rare to find someone of her caliber who works independently.

We consider our relationship with her an asset to our firm."
Faith Read Xenos managing partner Singer Xenos
Faith Read Xenos
Managing Partner, Singer Xenos Wealth Management
"Jeri was instrumental in positioning our company for acquisition. Thanks to her expertise, we achieved the image and exposure we needed to attract the right investor."
Phil Huff former CEO and president of Platinum Data Solutions
Phil Huff
Former President & CEO, Platinum Data Solutions, Aliso Viejo, Calif.
"Jeri wrote a feature profile about me that she got placed in Mortgage Banking Magazine. Talk about stickiness.

Years later, people still contact me and my company based on that article.

I don't think anyone else could have had as much impact on our business as hers."
Jeff Bradford, CEO of Bradford Technologies
Jeff Bradford
Founder & CEO, Bradford Technologies, San Jose, Calif.
We know the mortgage industry

You shouldn't have to train employees from the companies you hire. And with Yosh Communications, you won't have to. We bring decades of experience helping mortgage lenders, mortgage servicers, and the companies that serve them.

We're not just marketers, we're wordsmiths and storytellers

You deserve better than recycled jargon and marketing campaigns. At Yosh Communications, we're word and story snobs. We pride ourselves on our ability to find unique, descriptive wording that makes your story stand out and sparkle. Your products, services and accomplishments won't be described with throw away jargon like "strategic," "innovative," or "disruptive" here.

We believe in simplicity, not upselling

You shouldn't be upsold on services solely to increase your agency's bill. At Yosh Communications, it's our policy to operate on flat fees, lean efficiency, and honest advice.

We're a boutique business, not a factory

Your marketing game plans are important. They deserve to be handled by a seasoned professional. At Yosh Communications, all of our clients' work is performed and managed by an experienced, dual-degreed professional with a proven track record in mortgage industry marketing.


Get Closer to Your Goals in 2 Weeks

Don’t miss any more chances to reach your goals. Getting results with Yosh Communications is as easy as 1-2-3. 

1. Schedule a call to tell us about your business
2. Allow us to create and implement an effective, efficient game plan
3. Benefit from your powerful new marketing program