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Email Marketing

Email remains one of the most effective, efficient ways to reach, connect and motivate your audience. 


What is it?

A one-to-many direct marketing method where businesses send email messages to people in mass quantities.

What are the benefits?

One of the highest efficacy rates in marketing, plus greater control in frequency and messaging. 

Stay Close to Customers, Prospects, Staff & Partners

Whether you want to deliver valuable tips, increase webinar attendance, or sell a new product, email has been proven to deliver massive ROI.

Effective and Economical 

Email marketing is so effective and economical, it should be part of every company’s marketing plan — but only if it’s done right. 

There are secrets to success and Yosh Communications has them. We provide a way to turn your contact list into a revenue-generating asset.    

Our Email Marketing package is comprehensive. 
It includes strategy, management and execution of your email marketing program, including:  
  • Regular meetings to gather content
  • Custom-crafted emails that can include:
    • Newsletters
    • Marketing emails
    • “Special offer” emails
    • Conference meeting request drip campaigns
  • Custom designed reusable email template