Yosh Communications

How We Help B2B Mortgage Vendors


Part-Time or Project-Based Marketing Expertise

Today’s mortgage market is tough. For companies that have cut back on marketing, it’s even tougher to not only attract new buyers, but also upsell clients, motivate employees, and meet shareholder demands. 

But there is a solution.

Boosting revenue and staff productivity is possible — even in today’s market. But you need flexible expertise and tactical game plans designed for today’s market.

From creating marketing strategies to executing game plans, Yosh Communications helps B2B companies reach their goals in 2024’s mortgage economy.

  • Fractional Head of Marketing: For companies that need marketing a executive to lead or supplement their marketing teams
  • Content Marketing: For companies that want greater control than earned media offers
  • Email Marketing: For companies that want to stay in conversation, and maximize revenue opportunities with their audiences
close up of hands of fractional mortgage marketing executive working on marketing campaigns

Fractional Head of Marketing

A fractional marketing executive manages your marketing programs, from strategy to execution for digital, email, social media, SEO, events & more.

Content Marketing

Take control of your coverage with captivating content that cuts the noise to embed your brand in the mortgage & business space.

Email Marketing

Create & maintain a direct conversation with customers, prospects, partners, and employees with this fast, inexpensive & high ROI outreach tool.