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Take Control of Your Online Coverage


Content Marketing

Owned media: The new antidote to the mortgage industry’s high-cost “earned” media.


What is it?

The creation and sharing of online content such as long and short social media posts (including articles), videos and blogs.

What are the benefits?

You reach your audience with greater control of your message and its delivery.

Magnify Your Audience, Magnify Your Message

With the cost of PR agencies and “pay-for-play” publications, earned media like press mentions are far from free in the mortgage industry. 

That’s one reason that content marketing, or owned media, has gotten so popular. 

Gain Flexibility and Control 

With content marketing, you own your content. You decide your message. You decide the medium. Content marketing provides the greatest flexibility for mass communication.  

Yosh Communications’ Content Marketing package is for companies that want to reap the benefits of consistent one-to-many communication, but don’t have the time or ideas to do it.  

Our Content Marketing package can include: 
  • LinkedIn articles, written in your voice, relevant to your brand 
  • Blog posts that align with your marketing efforts and that matches your brand voice
  • White papers and case studies on your products and services